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  • Complementary meet and greet where you are able to ask questions, get to know me and determine if I am the doula for you!




  • Two prenatal appointments in your home, if hired before 34 weeks. If hired after, I will hold one, 2 hour visit together. 

  • The first prenatal is typically held between 28 and 30 weeks gestation. During the visit, we will; 

    • Learn your desires, hopes, plans, concerns and fears for your birthing day. 

    • Help you cordinate your ideal birth preferences and make a birth plan, if desired. 

    • Learn what role your partner wants to play during labor and birth and how we can best support that. 

    • Inform and encourage you of your options relating to pregnancy, labor and birth.

  • The second prenatal is typically held between 35 and 37 weeks gestation. During the visit we will; 

    • Obtain any updates about your pregnancy. 

    • Refresh what you found to work well during your birthing classes. 

    • Discuss your postpartum plan for support. 

    • Learn how you would like to feed your baby and come up with a plan. 

    • Teach coping techniques and comfort measures to help you and your partner prepare for labor. 


24/7 phone and email support once hired. 


On-call and 100% available to your birthing needs beginning at 38 weeks gestation. 


Continous support once you need a doula in labor until 1-2 hours after the birth of your child(ren). 




  • Two postpartum visits. First visit is typically 2-3 days after the birth of your baby(s) or 2-3 days after you get home from the hospital. The second is 2-4 weeks after your birth. 

  • The first postpartum visit is brief, usually 20-30 minutes, so that you can get back to resting and bonding with your baby. During this visit we will;

    • Screen for postpartum mood disorders and make referrals, if needed. 

    • Support and answer questions about feeding your baby(s) and make referrals, if needed. 

    • Check in with you and partner about self care. 

  • The second postpartum is about a 1-2 hour visit. During this time we will;

    • Process your birth with you and your family. 

    • Answer questions

    • Share notes and timeline of your birthing time with you. 

    • Share local resources with you that may be helpful. 


The price of this comprehensive service is $1600. 


I do offer a sliding scale for families with financial limitations. Please contact me, if you would like more information. 


I will greatly reduce this fee for teens; if you are 19 years old, or younger, and desire the support of a doula, please contact me


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