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Click on the photograph of Tiffany to read all her testimonials. If I have supported you during your birth, leave me a review while you're there! Thank you. 

The short story

My husband at our 1st interview with Tiffany: "So...why exactly do we need a doula?"

My husband after our 30 hour labor and birth: "I think I would have died without Tiffany."

The long story

My husband and I found Tiffany through several extremely reputable referrals, and we met for an hour long interview. She listened to our background, questions and concerns,  and encouraged us to interview other doulas, but it was too late because we already knew she was the one. My husband is a technologist and was reassured by Tiffany's background in science and respect for evidence-based research and practices. I focused more on making sure I felt supported and understood and confident that my physical and emotional needs wold be honored during an incredibly vulnerable time. Tiffany turned out to be the perfect combination of both. 

I had originally hoped to have a drug free, low intervention, out of hospital birth, and ended up with a complicated 30 hour labor in a hospital that ended in a c-section. However, what could have been a very stressful and scary situation was relatively calm and easy with her by our side. Tiffany came to the hospital when we asked her to, and stayed with us for 24 hours until I was stable after surgery and had successfully breastfed.  She worked seamlessly with my midwife and the nursing staff, and was an invaluable support to my husband and me. She remembered specific things we had mentioned during our two pre-labor visits,  and brought them up at appropriate times during labor,  when my husband and I were too exhausted and overwhelmed to think straight.  After the birth, she remained on call 24 / 7 for my questions for two weeks through our two post partum visits as well. 

I simply cannot recommend Tiffany highly enough, and I would be honored to have her as a part of my birth team again.

Originally, I was set on not going with a doula, but last min I changed my mind. At that point, i was less than 2 weeks from my due date and went on a hunt for a doula. I interviewed 4 doulas total, and the last one was Tiffany. Before even speaking to her, I knew she was the one. There is something about her energy that is warm and loving. During my interview with her, I realized my intuition was right about her. She has the kindest soul, at the same time, educated (with a science degree from UW) and doula certs, which I feel is super comforting. Talking to her about pregnancy, labor and birth is like opening an encyclopedia. She has great information and advice for virtually all my questions.

During my first stage of labor, she was very quick to respond to me with the tons of questions I had in store over the phone. She came over in my second stage of labor. From that point on, until a few hours after birth (about 20 hours total), she was my support and help me 100% of the way in ways midwives couldn’t have. She didn’t even sleep! I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She was support to me as much as she was to my partner. My partner was honestly clueless as to what to do to help me during labor, he admits it! 

I am so happy that I found Tiffany. She made our experience memorable, even took pics for us when that was the LAST thing on our minds. She made me feel at ease, had a ton of labor techniques up her sleeve, kept a positive energy, and kept my partner and myself sane.

I DEFINITELY recommend Tiffany for anyone seeking a doula, and if I were to get pregnant again, I’d seek her out again in a heartbeat.

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